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Ultimate lash lift ................. $200

Go Natural — with a boost. Lash Lifts make the natural lashes

appear longer, lifted, and curled without needing lash extensions. 

This lash lift solution has been totally modernized to be safe, gentle, but still highly effective. Lift creates perfectly-curled and lifted lashes for an effortless look that requires no mascara or curlers.

All organic,  proven curl results that will last 8-10 weeks with the added PLUMP and GLAZE Serums to condition and strengthen lashes after the treatment.

Black or Brown tint to finish.
Duration: 75 minutes 

Lash Tint Only ................. $40

Ready for dark bold lashes naturally? You'll choose between Black, Blue Black, or Brown  to have perfectly tinted lashes that last up to 4 weeks. Perfect for special occasions, vacations, and summer time when you're looking for an effortless bold look.

Great add-on to any facial.

24K Plump................. $20

Boost lash impact with PLUMP. This 24-karat gold-infused solution adds nutrients to increase lash density up to 24% from the inside out. Perfect for use after a lash lift or applied directly on natural lashes, PLUMP keeps lashes healthy and full — and effortlessly bold!

Lash Glaze ................. $20


GLAZE does triple duty with an ultra-nourishing keratin formula that helps condition and strengthen lashes, holds curled lashes in place, and also lightly tints them. With two colour options (Espresso and Black), GLAZE is perfect for clients with brittle and/or light-coloured lashes that need a little TLC and a hint of drama.

Eyebrow Tint/Stain Only ................. $40

Tint: Achieve the perfect brow color with this richly pigmented, vegan professional tint. This stint will leave a slight stain on skin for a few days and leave brow hairs tinted up to 4 weeks. You'll achieve naturally bold, defined, and clean brows with this beautiful tint. (This is pregnancy safe and tested.)

Stain: Introducing an innovative hybrid dye designed to achieve richly pigmented and long lasting results like Henna. Take brows to the next level of intensity this product will stain on the skin up to 10 days and brow hairs up to 6 weeks. 

Both products are vegan, cruelty-free, paragon-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and ethically sourced.

The Works ................. $65

Includes Lash Tint, 24K PLUMP, and GLAZE for an absolutely beautiful natural lash. Strengthens and hydrates natural lashes. This is a must add-on for facial services.

Brow Lamination ................. $155

Take unruling brows and tame them with a light perm to your desired look to achieve either a sleek or fluffy, full brow that last up to 8-10  weeks. This treatment fills in gaps and makes brows appear thicker and fuller

(consider purchasing  After care Brow bag optimal results)

Now available for purchase:

GraytSkin Brow Bag (maintenance for lamination) $75

Deep Conditioner jar $15

Castor Oil Mascara Wand $18

Glaze Treatment Mascara Wand $66

Plump Treatment $106



*Travel fees start at $100

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