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Inspired by Elements

GraytSkin is a skincare experience inspired by the earth and her elements.  Created to empower the individual and their natural beauty, GraytSkin's mission is to enhance what you already have by embracing your unique skin type and texture to help you look and feel your best. Each of us are one-of-a-kind expressions of Mother Earth, created from the elements, and GraytSkin is a celebration of gifts we were given.

We are the elements.


Ariel is a licensed and insured esthetician with 8 years of practice, ranging from medical to holistic treatments. Book GraytSkin for your vacations, weddings, bachelorette parties, or reunions and let the spa come to you!  

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As unique as you.

We offer a variety of skincare techniques and treatments to cater to your specific needs.


Silky smooth.

We use a soy-based botanical, antimicrobial wax for face and body hair removal.


Tint, lift, condition.

Enhance your natural lashes with conditioning peptide treatments with our tints and lifts.


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Contact Ariel

Please call or text for booking information and availability.

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